Oh Mr Egg Head

While on the verge of moving, a major change in my life, I had some time to kill. I created some images of Mr. Egg Head in various poses, just to see how well my rigging was when I created Egg Head. All this, of course, was just for fun. I have no practical ideas for Mr. Egg Head, other than to practice my work on Blender, the 3D software I use. Here is some of the stuff I had Mr. Egg Head do.

So, anyway, I will have fun with him/her, and I am sure there are many more things I will have him/her do before I put Egg Head to rest and delete him/her. I am not sure if it a he or she, but I like the idea of a gender natural character. I sure there is an animation or two to come.

I look back at what I typed, and saw all the red squiggly lines underneath about twenty-five percent of the words. Woe, my spelling sucks today.

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