One More Week

Oh the moving date is getting closer–I can taste it. With one week of regular life (as we know it) to go, it will be chaos next weekend when the move starts. With so much going on, it has been very busy, the fun seem to be ramping up. Stress has been an on going factor, I am surprised at much of it has not gone wrong, knowing it could have gone worse. Sure, things like bills and getting stuff disconnected are laborious and time consuming, but for the most part, it has all gone well.

But then there is the Propane people, who I still have their tank. That has been my thorn in my side. They left messages when I am at work, but they will not answer questions over the phone when they leave a message. So I have to talk to them. Setting up a time to talk as been a problem. Today (Saturday) they are very busy. I was on the phone for nearly a half hour when I hung up. During the week I work afternoons–so naturally, I coming home at 10:00pm, and calling them before I go to work is just as troubling–becuase the wait times huge.  Soon I will connect with them, or just pay the full amount–which they would love.

Packing-boxes and tape, seem to pop out of nowhere. I can get the boxes from work, and tape–I have lots of. Putting stuff into the boxes, well that it the trouble/problem. What is “good to go” and what “is not” when you have one more week to go? LOL I am going the six week rule: If I never use it, say in the last six weeks, then it is “good to go.” Already I needed some tie-downs; I had to unpack those.

I loose my Internet/phone/cable on the 22 of June. So It will be a while, say a couple of weeks, when life returns to normal. I can feel the Internet withdrawal already. LOL

It is weird–I look around say, “Wow, all this will no longer be mine, but someone else’s, in a little over a week.” Funny when you think about that.

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