Packing It Up

The packing continues. I am about half way there as far as packing goes inside my home. I have the outside to yet, but that will wait. So far, I estimate about twenty boxes, albeit small ones, for the first half of my packing, but I still large items to pack away, and a little crawl space to clean out. I am going to wait until I get closer to the move date before I start on the big stuff, like the wishing machine and garden tools. So far I am on track, and might be a head. A good sign.

I am collecting the boxes from work, getting the good ones, while I work away. The bosses seem OK with that as long as I do not go crazy, like taking fifty boxes at a time in one go. I should point out that we sell packing boxes were I work too, so you see the issue.

It is weird sitting in a room that was once full of my stuff, now packed away. It sounds all wrong. But soon it will not matter. I should have the moving truck by next Wednesday, and then I am gone. Does not matter what it sounds like after that.

I estimate that once I have the truck, I should be packed up and ready to roll out in a couple of hours. I planned everything right down to the times I should spend on cleaning. Then there is the drive. I think it works out to twenty hours in total, that with two or three pit stops for rest. It will be a long trip. Basicly, I am looking at two days to get everything from Fort Langley to Terrace.

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