Made It! I Am In Terrace!

I am here; made it! The trip took over seventeen hours, and nearly four hundred dollars in fuel, but it was worth it. The DriveBC web site was the most accurate as far as times go. Google and MapQuest were way off in calculating time for the trip. I still do not my own Internet, nor phone, but I should hopefully but hook up with the week. I got into town Thursday afternoon, and I was snuggled into my apartment by the evening. Oh, and I forgot that the Sun sets way later here.

The trip it’s self was uneventful. I drove most of it at night, which made a lot better in my opinion as far as traffic goes. I saw only one deer and as few other drivers on the road. It was once going threw Smithers that encounter lots of people, but that was because it was 8:00am by then.

I fueled up four times along the way. Hope, 100mile, Prince George and then in Smithers, British Columbia were the fuel stops. The moving truck I had only gave me a half tank of fuel to start with. Yes, the truck was a hog on fuel. Next time, I will pack lighter.

My transition over to Terrace has not been what I thought. My Banking will be at least a few days, as they do not have near the services that Vancouver has. And my Internet will be the same, though I will fiberoptic. Only my car insurance was flawless–and I got a refund from doing the switch. Insurance is way cheaper up here than the Lower Mainland.

Right now, I am using my girlfriend’s Internet to do my stuff. But until everything straiten out, I will back more often.

I have photos, but right now I am on my laptop, and that takes to long to process them, so soon I will post them here once I get up and running.

So, ya, I made it! I am here. 🙂

Updated: July 3, 2017

The above image is me leaving Fort Langley, BC. I am all packed up, and heading out.

Seventeen hours later, and an hour to unhitch the trailer, I crashed, and did not get up until 9:00pm. This shot below is taken around 9:45pm! Damn close to the land of the Midnight Sun.

Now to get my life back to the “New” normal. LOL

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  1. Good luck Tom ! I wish you all the best !

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