Joining the On-Line Community – Again

Not bad, one week without. Tomorrow I should be connected to the Net, and have a land-line phone once again. Unfortunately, I will not have fiber optic connected to my apartment, as they need permission from my land lord, and it may take until the end of August to connect it, so I will have to make due with the more expensive copper line from the local cable company, which already has permission. All that being said, I will be connected.

I phoned my Bank last night down in the Lower Mainland. They told me news I did not want to hear. Before I was ready move, I asked them at my branch what I deeded to do, and how long. They said it would take a matter a couple of days, and one form with my signature. Turns out, that is all done by Post, and can take up to two weeks. Sadly, I have rent due this Friday—you see the problem. Oh boy. Nothing worse than having all kinds of money, and no way to pay for your bills with it.

The job quest is still on going. Once I am on-line—with a phone, that should go a lot smoother/better. There is lots of work, but I can see employers taking a few weeks before they choose who they want. I have sent out about ten resumes and four applications so far. Hopefully today, I can send off a resume to a trucking company that is just down the street from me, as they just posted. Remember, I have only been here for just under a week, and moving day does not count.

A side note: The little old lady that live two doors beside me, asked if she could have a ride into town to do a Bank run. Reluctantly I said yes, only because I was going to go out shoot some stuff of the surrounding areas with my camera. I basically stopped, she opened the door and got out, and I took off. Nonetheless I drove off down the highway, out of town, and it was a super nice day for shooting.

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