I am Connected!

Feels great to be in touch with the world again. I am back on my PC, with all my links, bookmarks and updated files. Yes, I am connected! I think I was going through Internet withdraw too. Anyway, that is all behind now. I have so far spent the entire day updating and catching up on everything. So many emails, and just about two hours reading them, and another replying back. Also, I have the phone, which has not rang yet, but hopefully it will.

One of the first things I did was update my job search. Now that I have new phone number, I had to change everything on several job search websites. That took about an hour. I managed to send out a couple resumes too in the process. It is so nice to check whenever I want as opposed to whenever I can a hot spot, or friends.

If I have not contacted you yet, fear not, I will get to you.

Update on my Banking: Still no word on when the transfer has taken place. I think I am going in tomorrow, at least I can update my stuff now. I should of taken my money with me. LOL Hindsight is always twenty/twenty, eh?

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