Happy Canada Day!

The Canada 150 flags are everywhere, and almost everyone is wearing red, with the Canada 150 logo on it. I am not wearing red, but I am walking around with my camera on one side and my girl friend on the other. It is quite the festive atmosphere. I my highlight will the fireworks. I am hoping to catch those. The draw back is, being so far North, it does not really get dark here at night.

It seems the action is in Kitimat, BC, about a half hour drive South from Terrace, BC. They will have fireworks and street parties. I am sure not what all Terrace will do for events, but we had a look. Rain is the threat today, so travel will be limited becuase of that. But it is warm out.

Repost: 10:00pm

So, we started the day in Terrace, then drove over to Kitimat, BC were the real festivities were being held. Sadly there was not much happening in Terrace. We missed the pancake breakfast, and the first half the events at the Heritage Park, so we just spent the first part the day at the down town park checking out the Farmer’s Market and some performers. We then decided to head off to Kitimat, about 30-40 kilometres South of Terrace.

Below is one of the performers in Terrace, BC who was singing at the George Little Park by where the Farmer’s Market was being held.

Then it was off to Kitimat, BC to take part in the Canada Day festivities there.

When we got there, we just made it to the singing of the national anthem, “Oh Canada.” It was sung by a local young woman who sang it pretty good. Plus, there was a good size crowd there too.

Then it was off to the Douglas Channel, were we saw lots of stuff in the harbour. It was nice to smell the saltwater. But these people on the huge tree root just killed me from laughing. I thought, “what a great a shot!” You judge for yourself?

I took the above photo with my 300mm lens, but by the time a got around to get a better shot, they were all gone from the giant tree root. Yes, it was super low tide, normally this is under water. Reo Tinto is just on the other side of the bay.

We stopped off at Lakesle Lake, and there we found the break in sky where the Sun shone threw. So naturally, since we were by Water Lilly Bay, I got a great shot of some Water Lillies at Furlong Bay.

And that concludes the day’s event for me. I had dinner at my girlfriend’s place, and then off to home, where is was nearly 9:00pm when I got in. Phew, it was a long day, but it was fun.

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