Redsand Lake

It was quite the drive, albeit less that thirty kilometres from out of town, the road was nothing to be desired, and we made it in under an hour. The last time I was here was back in 1983, and a very brief appearance in 1994, so I was a young Thomasso when I last ventured this place. The beauty never wore off. And to top it all off: We were the only ones there!

OK, the road was hell. The worse part was just before reaching the turn-off to go into the park. Once you get through that, it was clear sailing. One note though, the GPS we had showed nothing–no roads, no turn off, but at least showed where the lake was. So it was kind of funny watching this car floating on this sea of green on the monitor.

For a long weekend, it was not busy here. We were the only ones. Hard to believe. We walked up the beach, only to be greeted by a few birds and the splashing waves on the red sand from which the place got it name. The sand is really red here–really.

The sand felt good under my feet. It was not too powdery or fine, and did not have pebbles, or pieces of wood mixed in with it. In fact, I would argue, it was almost perfect sand. It sure felt nice when the sun hit it. The weather was “iffy” though, sixty percent chance of rain, but our time at the beach the Sun poked through the clouds making for an awesome time there.

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