The Old Bridge

I already did a post last year on the “Old Bridge” going over the Skeena River, so I will not get into details of the bridge, and all of it’s history, instead I talk about my day shooting it and surrounding areas on this super nice sunny day. Also, we call it the “Old Bridge” becuase Terrace has two of them crossing the Skeena. This bridge has a lot more “character” then the other, so it gets the most mentioned of the two, plus it is a lot older. I believe the bridge is over eighty year old now. I think I did do a check the last time posted on it. Anyway, the river was just low enough to walk underneath it.

A note about the people fishing with the net by the bridge. I guess the native food fishing is allowed, yet closed to all other fishers. Their net did not seem that big, and I did not see them catch anything. In fact, there were not fish when I walked them that I could see. Nonetheless, they seem to be having a great time with their families.

While I was walking over the stones, I saw several holes caused by the currents of water. Some of these holes looked really neat–a part of the river that I do not get to see all the time. Some of these holes did not seem right, or I could figure out why they were there in that spot and not others. A mystery.

I got right underneath the bridge. It actually looks different from this spot than I expected. I was surprised at how it was laid-out and the way it was being supported. There is a lot steel here.

The seemed to be a lower from when I first moved here. I guess with such good days, the rain has been down. I guess when it really heats with the summer heat, the ice on the mountains will melt faster, and maybe we will see a lot higher level than this.

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