Flies – Lots Of Them!

I can say one thing, “I have not been in a place in Canada that has not got any flies during the summer.” Yes, I said it, I got flies here too, and lots of them. Up until now, today, the flies have not been that bad, but today, wow. The only thing that I changed, was setting up the fan in the bedroom, on the South side of my apartment. So I am pushing out my apartment air on the North side, in the shade, and the flies love it. If it was not for the screen, there would be a hundred of them inside.

Right now, the flies sit on the screen, waiting, searching for a weakness to break in. When I set the fan up on “high,” they went berserk, and most of them flew away, only to come back in greater numbers. Before I took this photo, there were about fifty flies on the screen, but the camera scared most of them away. Now that it is getting later in the day, the flies seem more active. But some still sit on my screen, waiting.

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