Big Bertha – Terrace, BC.

I had to get a photo of this. The back story is, at my former work, we had a double electric pallet jack that we called “Big Bertha.” So naturally, when I saw this on my first visit to Terrace, back in 2015, I wanted a photo of this to show my former co-workers. Sadly, we never had the time to stop and enjoy the Visitors/Information Centre for Terrace. Since this is last day of “freedom,” as I start my new work tomorrow, I wanted to take today for shooting photos in and around town with the morning light. So, here is “Big Bertha,” the “portable spar tree,” used in logging, back in the good old days.

I should point out, the day has been awesome. Lots of Sun, mixed in with high “puffy clouds,” as I heard a woman say, from near by. When I took this shot, there were about five other people stopping to take photos too. I guess Big Bertha is really popular–today. LOL

Anyway, the day is young, and I have so much more to shoot with my camera.

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