Terrace, BC – Up On The Bench

When I finally made my stop in town, I stopped at the top of Skeenaview Drive, and Sparks Street, right at the look out rest area. I have taken photo from here before, like my night shots and a couple of times during the early afternoon, but today, I took these around 9:00am, so I had the morning light–far better for shooting with. I used my 14mm lens, which I thought showed a more accurate view when you go up here with.

Below, is a shot of the look out area. They added a flower bed and put in block pad for the seat, since I was here last. It looks nice.

Nothing like a wide lens for scenic view like this. The temperature was about 13C, with a slight breeze–just enough to keep the flies away. When the Sun came out, it warmed up a lot. We are far from a heat-wave here. LOL

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