Looking Back to Canada Day

Right now I am killing time becuase I am waiting for my Criminal Record’s check to complete, so I thought why not type something up real quick while I am waiting. Looking back in my photo archives (or Expansion Drive), I could not help but stop on my July 1, 2017, folder. There, inside that folder, sits 173 images that I snapped that day. There were several that are blog worthy, but with time and space, there is just not enough of them to go around. So this image stuck out for me.

It is not the best one out of the lot as far as photos go, but I remember how nice it was when we were out on the lake, laying back, watching the sail-boats sail by. So the photo invokes nice memories. It was an awesome day, even with the clouds, it was just right, and the temperature was perfect.

Here, I was shooting with 300mm telephoto lens, looking West ward, while we were on Furlong Beach, on Lakesle Lake. Surprisingly, the beach was not full.

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