Fire Weed

If there is one plant that sticks out for me, and is just as numerous as the trees, it is the Fire Weed. All you have to do is just drive on any road, especially on the old logging roads, you will patches of Fire Weed growing everywhere. You do not need much imagination to figure out why it is called Fire Weed, but for those who have not seen it, they look like flames of a fire, as their pink and purple flowers pole up from the forest floor, in patches. When I was younger, I thought they were just a wild weed that grew anywhere. Now, I see them totally different, especially from a photographic perspective. They are quite cool looking.

In a funny way, you will not see them in flowerbed around here. After all, it is called a weed.

These two shots were taken right in down town Terrace, British Columbia. Even around my place, there is a patch growing right along side of the road.

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