Onion Lake, and the Clearwater Lakes Trails

Nestled almost between Terrace and Kitimat British Columbia, are the Onion and the Clearwater Lakes Trails system. Me and my partner decided to take on the Clearwater trails today. None of us have been here before, so this was going to be an adventure. We knew the trails total length was about six kilometres, and that there were side trails to take as well. It was fairly overcast as we started out, but the good news, the rain held off the entire time we were there, even getting better as we moved on. Sure, there were some mosquitoes, but they only bothered us when stopped on the trail. The starting point for the hike starts at Onion Lake, just off of highway 16, near Lakelse Lake.

There are three lakes to see on these trails, starting with Onion Lake, plus you follow Clearwater Creek for the last part of the trek between two smaller lakes, Upper and Lower Clearwater Lakes. Also, I should point out, the trail that takes you over to the “look out” where you can see Lakelse lake, well, you will be disappointed. We could only see a little bit of the lake, as trees obscured our view. Other than that, the trail was awesome!

As shown in the map, the above image, there is a steep part as you are coming from Onion Lake to Lower Clearwater Lake, it only hurts when you are coming back. I can assure you, the hike is well worth the climb. It is not that bad, as we passed kids hiking up it, young as ten years old. I would say me and my girlfriend passed about ten hikers along the way; the trails are quite popular. There are several rest areas along the way too. The creek flows from the Upper Clearwater Lake, to the Lower, and eventually down the valley. I am not sure if it runs into Lakelse lake, or not?

The path along Clearwater Creek is awesome, and we only encountered a couple muddy parts, but nothing to worry about with running shoes on. The trail is well maintained. And yes, the water here is very clear!

Also, you are aided with bridges and wooded walking paths in some areas of the creek portion of the trail, and when you hike around the two lakes. There was one section of the tail were we encountered small sink-holes. So watch your step around the lakes. 

The water in the lakes is very clear, and in the deep areas of the lake, a weird blueish-green colour. For the most part, the water is crystal clear. I guess the water here does live up to its name.

The above image was taken at Upper Clearwater Lake. The water is about a metre deep here. The image below, is a shot of the water flowing along the creek, taken from off the walking bridge just past Upper Clearwater Lake.

It was good hike! My leg feel it, and I am sure I am going to feel it tomorrow. But it was worth it. Yes, I would hike this trail again, though I might bring some bug spray next time around.

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