Kitselas Canyon – Part 2

As promised, this post is part 2 of my Kitsleas Canyon visit with my girlfriend, who lead the way over the rocks. You can see why I had to cop this up into two parts – there was just so much to see! The very first thing I noticed was the freshly built viewing platform over top of the canyon. The view is awesome, and it is hard to put into scale the size of the place. Your are hit with power of the Skeena River rushing through the narrow gap of near vertical rock cut from the river. I would say we were about twenty metres above the water from the viewing platform. The canyon part of the hike is simply breathtaking. We stood on the platform for about twenty minutes before we decided to ascend down to the river level.

This was the first shot I took of the canyon itself. I want to point out that these are straight-out of the camera: no photo-shopping or editing of the image other than cropping. Also, I only used my 30mm Marco lens for all of these shots.  

In the above shot, I was facing West, or down-stream of the river. It is hard to believe that river boats came through here during the late 1800’s! The railway sort of took over during the 1920’s after that.

Again, I was trying to show the scale of the place. Those are people on that out-cropping of rock.

While we were waiting for the other tourists to leave the river’s edge, I came upon these rock piles, which someone make, probably while they were board. One shot of these rock piles is currently my Desktop. These shots were amazing–I cannot get enough of these. We never tough the rocks; we left them they we found them.

Above is the little bay were we found the rock piles.

Again, I wanted to show the scale of the place. We never went on those rocks, we just stayed were it was a little safer. LOL If I had hiking boot on, I would have gone.

They say that the oldest village was carbon dated to around five thousand years old, this petroglyph could very well be somewhere around a thousand year old? We were showen two of them, and told there are many more e etched into the rocks from the First nation People of the past.

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