Things Are Looking Up

It is early Saturday Morning, and I decided to get up, rather than sleep in. I figure, if I had a good week, then getting up early on a day off is well deserved, especially since I never physically worked that hard. So, in this post, I want to talk about my job. As you may have guessed, I do not reveal where I work, and give out the name of my employer here on my blog. Let me just say, it makes life less complicated by keeping these personal. To sum up everything thus far, I would say things are awesome. I would have never of dreamed of capturing a job of this quality, up here in Terrace–ever. Believe me, my sites were set low, based on my past experience as a kid growing up here. But then, life is full of surprises.

When I first moved to Terrace, I thought I would land some low wage job, say in retail, that would get my by for the next year or two. My sites were set that low. Hey, I see Canada as the land of two worlds: one that is really doing well, and other half in a constant state of struggle. Perhaps I landed on the side that is really doing well? Anyway, the level of employment was a surprise based on my initial research before I moved up here. I plotted jobs, went through the cycles, and watched the trends. From the Lower Mainland, Metro Vancouver, area, all pointed to employment being largely comprised of low wage jobs in the retail market. Things change when you step on Terrace Soil, and being here is not the same as not being here.

I learned quickly that services are run different, and that employers, and the locals, use them differently than those in the Lower mainland. The local news paper charges a lot for ads, so that gets used only when the job is either hard to fill, or come from deep pockets with imperatives, usually from outside the local economy. The Internet is a powerful tool, and slowly it is being embraced, but largely, human networking is the way of things here. Sure, I found my job on the net, but it largely hinged on being here, as a local.

It has been two full weeks now working for this company. For the most part, I have ninety percent of the job learned. Running a warehouse has its basics, and all models run the same way, only the means change are differ from one to another. I fell quite nicely in the grove, and the fit was almost perfect.

Amazingly, the wage was the shocker. I never bothered to ask what the wage was. I just assumed, based on my experience from the Lower Mainland that the job would be somewhere around twelve to fourteen dollars per hour. My heart leaped out when my trainer said seventeen for training, then twenty, once I passed. Later it was reviled that I would be making eighteen for my probation period, then twenty there after. And somewhere down the long path, the job had the potential of reaching thirty-two dollars per hour. We will see.

The pace of this job is way below from where I came from. If fact, I would say the job interactions are less than five percent compared to my last place of employment. Let me give you an example. Here, last Thursday, I had three parcels to receive, comprised of fifty-five pieces of four items. May last day from my last job, I received over four hundred pieces, of over three hundred items, on three full shipping containers/trailers, and half of that was unloaded by hand and sorted. So I went from a physical labourer environment, to a manager style job. Not bad.

Well, everyone is starting to get up here in my building complex. I better close this off, and start my day.

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