On a Summer’s Day

It is hot out, and I love it. People around me are complaining about the heat, but hey, I am use to it. I am still stuck on “Lower Mainland” mode, so this type of weather really does not bother me too much. I am use to it; simple as that. Also, it has rained very little since I moved into town, so I cannot say to much about that either. But there is one topic that just makes me laugh: size. Size matters, up here.

Terrace, British Columbia is small compared to the Canadian cities that I lived in. Terrace is so small that it would take me less fifteen minutes to drive from one end of it, to the other, and that is including stops signs and traffic lights. I have said this before, my daily commute from work is about seven minutes, and twenty, if I include my trip through a drive-through for my coffee. You cannot get that time in Vancouver, unless you work right beside your work. But people in the town are, strange, when it comes to comparing it to other cities. Sure, they know you cannot compare the town to Toronto, or Vancouver, but they think it is pretty darn big for where it is. Throwing me into the mix, I have to err on the side of extreme caution when comparing size. But, let me say this, Terrace has grown since I last lived here–so there.

Like the rest of British Columbia, I am worried about the forest fire risk. Terrace has its share of trees. People here love their trees, and no matter where you go in the town, trees abound-nearly every size and shape. I fear that if there is a fire, it would not take long for Terrace to get wiped out. Now, this is my own opinion, not the official one, so do not throw my under the bus yet. Let us just hope that a forest fire never breaks out here.

My work is awesome. I am slowly getting it down pat. I feel more confidant about my duties, and I feel I have it under control. I got my company ID, so now I can log on with my name now, instead of the generic manager login I had before. Believe me, it made my job a lot easier having less options than the over-kill options I was getting with these old pass-codes. This also means that I am moving into the job, from my employer. Two more months to go before I pass my probation period, so I am looking forward to that–then I get a nice jump in my hourly rate.

At home, I have not turned on my air conditioner. I am debating if I should. We are only two days into the awesome heat. Sure, it is warm out, but I brought a huge fan too, so that is working for me just fine for now. I brought my portable air conditioner with me from Fort Langley becuase I had it, and I thought I might as well bring it with me to Terrace. So if the weather climbs to 35C, or more, then maybe I will plug it in.

My four Terra-byte hard drive arrived today through Purolator. I bought it on Evil-Bay. Right now I am backing up my hard-drives so that this weekend I can do an upgrade on my main PC.

2 Thoughts on “On a Summer’s Day

  1. You look happy Tom ! I’m glad that you found a great job. Waiting on pictures from your fishing trip . Let’s see some big salmon 🙂

  2. LOL

    Thanks Dan. Sorry, no fishing trips. Still do not own a fishing rod. But there are a lots of people here fishing now that the Skeena River is open for some fishing. This place is hopping with fishers.

    Maybe with week I will get down to the river with my camera and catch some fishers with fish!

    Ya, the job is awesome! Pays really well. I think I make more than most techs in the Frazer Valley do, now. I am very happy with it!

    Have a great summer Dan!

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