Getting Ready for Riverboat Days! A Week Long Celebration.

So, I have been getting ready for this long week for nearly a week now. Me and my girlfriend have got most of it planed out, almost right down to the hour. As it looks right at this moment, I may not have anything uploaded until next week becuase I will be super busy, and plan on taking as many photos as I can. Also, I want to do a an upgrade on my main PC, as that is getting full and almost unbearable to work with. So, here is a run-down of what we are going to be doing.

First we will have a parade first thing in the morning, and that should take up most of the afternoon. This is probably the big event of the town of Terrace, BC. I never went to them as a kid becuase, well, I lived way out of town, and my parents were not cool with socializing outside of the group of friends, so I never went as a kid. So, this is my first one.

Second, there a ton of other events going to. I do not have a list here, but we have lots to do.

Third, are the fireworks scheduled for 11:00pm Saturday night.

Fourth, will be getting out of bed to take part in some tours and watch some volleyball, baseball and other sports going on around town.

And lastly, will be Sunday. There are some more sports scheduled, and other various sports on that day to, but we are looking forward to the Rubber Duck Race. The Rubber Duck Race is when they dump all the rubber duck that people raffled, in hope for prizes if their Duck crosses the finish-line first as it floats down the river.

So It could be a while before I get to uploading all this stuff, and of course, after my sleep. I am sure that with all the stuff going on, I will flat out tired. Also, we are getting the Southern Heat Wave, as temperatures are expected to stay in the mid 30’s, so I the town with be roasting.

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