More Riverboat Day Stuff – Freestyle Motocross Madness

Later on in the day, around 2:00pm, we went to the Freestyle Motocross Madness show, in front of the Skeena Mall, in the parking lot. At first I did not know what to expect, but when I saw the crowds, I was interested. As people lined up along the side of the building, me and my girlfriend got a good spot to view the show, but still more people arrived. Sadly, the people sitting in front, started to stand, so I just slapped my telephoto lens on and photographed that way. For the most part, I had viewing.

With lots of people, came the motorcycles. It was awesome. I saw the ramps set up, but had no idea what they were going to do. Of course, this was something my girlfriend saw last year, so she knew what to expect. I think over half the crown knew to. So the motorbike use the ramps to do their stunts up in the air. It was quite awesome as they did their jumps.

As the show moved on, the stunts became more challenging. First they did simple jumps, then did little tricks, as they kept running up the ramp. It was not until the end of the show did they start doing flips and more dangerous stunts. I got some really good shots.

And just as fast as it started, it was over. The show lasted about forty minutes, but the stunts were around half hour. Hey, it is free, and it was lots of fun to see. I got some awesome action shots with my camera, and I am sure once I go through them, I will post more. For now, these are but a sampling of them.

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