Riverboat Days Fireworks to End An Awesome Day!

Finally, the fireworks! These started at eleven in the evening, so I was already bushed from such an active day, this was test of endurance. I made it; albeit laying on the rocks shooting these photos. Only lasting less than ten minutes, they were thrilling to watch. I felt they were too short, or they went too fast, as in they should have allowed at least a few more seconds in between each firework. It is what it is–it was enjoyable nonetheless.

The setting I used for these were varied by a little bit, but generally I used f2.8, with my 35mm lens, setting the ISO at 100, only adjusting the shutter speeds.

I should also say, I used a tripod. That is a must for long shutter times. I was shooting at anywhere to 4 to 1 seconds. I wanted to avoid getting the smoke from the rockets in the shots, but it was unavoidable the way they set up the firework show.


It was work it to see these. I shoot these from across the Skeena River, just by the Old Skeena Bridge. I wanted to get the water in these shots, so I would have the reflections of off the water. I have about fifty photos to go through. I have some good ones, but I need time to work on them to fix them up. These shots in this post were right out of the camera.

Added: September 1, 2017


This video was taken from my dear friend Suz., who uploaded the fireworks onto YouTube. She did a wonderful job, and her video turned out really good. Have a look.

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