A Little Volleyball Action at Mr Mikes

Now I know why they dumped all that sand over in the parking lot of the Mr. Mike’s restaurant: for the volleyball tournament. So we got up a later than normal from such a late night, and made our way back into town. We checked out the park, which was busy with people and vendors, plus there was live music going to. We then decided to check out the volley ball before we headed off to the ice rink to see the floor hockey games. I think the volleyball had already started long before we got there. The girls were playing, so stayed a few minutes for that, then left. Meanwhile I was nursing a broken camera, so I had to switch to my back-up camera which was a little slower, and not good for sports photography.

These two teams just started playing when we got there. Now I see where all that sand went. With the heat, and sand, they played hard and the game got quite exciting at times. The three on three teams really knew how to play.

Regrettably, my slower camera could not keep up to ball, and about a third of my shots were slightly out of focus. I could not use my 300mm lens, so I had to make with my 28 to 55mm lens, but without the super focusing that A77 camera had, but the little A33 kept up at least.

I think at this point in the day, it was already over 30C outside, and we decided to go where it was cooler. When we drove back later on in the evening, they were still playing out on the sand court. I think I was same girls out there too?

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