Kleanza Creek Sun Worshipers

So where do you go when the lake is filled, and the river has little options to goto when it is 34C, and you want to cool down by the water? In Terrace, British Columbia that is simple, you go to Kleansa Creek park for your relaxation in the water to beat the heat, when everywhere else is pack with people. It is like the “little secret” that everyone knows, but few venture. It had been nearly two months since me and my girlfriend came to the park, but today, we figured that this would be the logical place to go to since we knew the lake was packed.

When we first arrived at the park, we were greeted with stones piled on top of each in these little statues, kid of like what we seen before at other parks near by, but these ones were bigger. I counted about fifteen of these rock-piles along the creek. Some looked like they took a couple people to lift and carry to pile them. They were fun to photograph.

To my surprise were the number of Sun Worshipers at the falls. Not so many in the creek, but most of the gathering was at the rapids themselves.

When we got closer, we could tell that the best spots were taken. To tell you the truth, I still had not unpack my shorts and bathing suite from when I moved into town, so I was unprepared to go swimming anyway. Everywhere you looked, people were gathered in every nook-and-cranny of the rocks, but everyone looked like they were having fun in the cool waters of Kleanza no matter where they were. So we ventured up the trail, to the top part of the cliffs to have anther look, and get away from the crowds.

When we made it to the top of the trail, we could people far and wide along the falls, basking in the Sun. The best part for us was that the hike along the trail was cool too–it was hard leaving. So if you are not a lake person, or hate lots of people, and want to cool off by the water, head out to Kleanza!

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