The Rubber Duck Race!

It was a beautiful holiday Monday morning, and not a cloud in the sky, accept for the smog from the forest fire smoke, a perfect day for a rubber duck race. Me and my girlfriend drove over to the Skeena River, on the Terrace side, and made out way to the East side of the river’s bank. Even before we got there, people were gathering along the New Bridge to get a view of the race, but I wanted a more closer look at the race, so we ascended closer to the water to get our spot. The rocks were a little steep under the bridge, but we made it without too much troubles, and it was a short trek.

To North we could hear the helicopter readying itself for the start of the race. It was parked over by the baseball field just in town, more or less across from the Northern tip of Ferry Island. Within minutes it was up and away, with its load of cargo. I could hear the people on the bridge cheering as the rubber ducks were being lifted over top of the river.

An just as quick as snap, the rubber ducks were released, and the helicopter flew away. The race was on! …and we waited.

Finally, as the current moved them down river, they came. For the most part, they kept bunched together. With the help of the morning breeze, some of them start to separate from the main pack. At this point we were getting ready to move to the finish line to see the winner.

And there we have it, a winner. We have no idea whose duck won, but the organizers had it. People cheered, and the duck recovery boats ran and scooped up the rubber racers. Apparently, top prize was twenty thousand dollars cash, so people were really exited about that. And you have good odd of winning a prizes too. It was a lot of fun, and the weather was awesome for the race. It was a good way to start the day with.

Like all races, you have stragglers. Long after the winner we announced, you have the odd guy still floating down the river, dead last. One lady, who standing along side up at the shore said, “that is probably my duck, with my luck.” We laughed, and then we watched the last of the ducks being scooped up before we left back into town.

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