A Wonderful Morning here In Terrace, BC

It has been over two months since my move to the small Northern town of Terrace, British Columbia. Within weeks I had landed an awesome job. Making lots of new friends, and even finding old one from years gone by, were also awesome. But best of all, I am slowing falling into my new routine, but that is the tough part. When I made the decision to move up here, I wanted to do it right, I mean, I prepared and made sure I had lots of money saved just in the event of unforeseen problems, and made sure I had everything secured up here even before I moved. Now, right now at this very time, I am sitting here at my chair in my living room, waiting, killing time, about a half hour before I go into work, writing this post to say I am still finding hard to fall into a new routine.

When I wake up in the mornings, I am in Lower Mainland Mode. I still feel the need to rush to get out the door because of the commute to work, facing possible traffic problems and trains. Today, that commute is only seven minutes, if I by-pass the coffee and muffins. It is fifteen minutes with the coffee and muffins using the drive thru. It is funny, even this morning; I have that impulse to rush when I do not have to. I guess those psychological issues have been ingrained—deep inside my mind—for so long, it might take years to get rid of them. I laugh when I rush after the alarm-clock goes off. “No—no, you have all kinds of time before work…, relax!”

“Relax” you say. Well, that is what I am doing before I leave for work–relaxing. I just ate breakfast, and shaved. I will type this post up, and then brush my teeth, then leave for work.

The morning weather reports are another thing I must get used to. Sure, we have weather reports that are up-to-minute, but they are for the Terrace Airport, not for the downtown area. Yes—there is a huge difference, thirty meters difference above sea level. Right now the Airport says 12C, while down here by my place in Thornhill, I am looking 14C. To add to that, the Airport says, “Light Showers,” while the Sun beams are shining through my window. The way I see it, what we get is only slightly cooler that when the Lower Mainland gets. But the weather is messed up here compared to the South. You do not like it, just wait five minutes, or drive to the other side of the Skeena valley for different weather. The weather here is very dynamic here, and throws surprises at you when you least expect them.

The little old lady, who lives on my right, over two doors down, told me yesterday that I should not use my key, but rather just press the little button on the door-handle, to lock it. I figured it out, what she was talking about—she does not have a dead-bolt lock on her door. I asked my land lord to install one before I moved in. But it was funny, I replied, “I like the dead-bolt better because I am from the Lower Mainland.” It is true—I have learned to lock things up, or pay for it. And yes, there are “Crack Addicts” here too. One, or two, might be living beside me. But I have had enough tuff stolen in my life to learn to keep it locked and secured–always.

The Sun’s light has moved across my computer table.

Changing my diet had been a priority too. I noticed I was feeling a bit “full” and suffering with indigestion when I kept my current diet from when I living down south. The changing work shift, and different climate, I think, has hit me hard, and with change, comes change. I am eating a whole new menu now! But I am still tweaking it. Also, eating out on weekends with the girlfriend has thrown a wrench into the whole diet thing too. The one the pleasure in my life, right now, when you are with that special person, is eating together. I am sure it hard on her too, changing meal times to accommodate eating together, but nonetheless; it is an awesome time when we are together.

Wrapping this post up, I can say that I have a ways to go before I wash the old lifestyle away, and fully adapt to the new one.

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