The Saturday Hike: Upon a Pile of Rocks

Me and Suz went hiking today, more or less, along the Skeena river first, and then off in town to warm up with some warm beverages, then some more hiking on Ferry Island, in Terrace. But the main hike was along the Skeena River, just off of the New Bridge, then off on the West shore before the Old Bridge. The hike was less than three kilometers, but there were some spots where we had to climb over rocks, and up and down some slippery hills. We had our workout.

This one shot caught my eye. As always, I take my camera with me, and I take lots of photos, but anyways, I took this shot, and left it. As I was going through them after the hike, this one stuck out for me. I did a little editing: bumped up the exposure; added more clarity to add more blur. These are the rocks natural colours, and I never touched the pile. I think it is a cool photo.

I shot these with a 30mm Marco lens. These rocks are almost 1:1, about 6cm in width, in this shot.

When traveling between the Old and new Bridges, we encountered several homeless/squatters camps. Some were alive with people, and we saw one place that was abandon. All these places had that smell, and everywhere you looked along the trails, garbage could be found. Well protected from the eyes of the town, once you are right in the bush, you really do not know that the homeless are there. We never actually seen anyone, but we could hear them–you know they are there. 

And just on the other side of the river, along Ferry Island, fishers abound, probably counting nearly thirty people, fifteen of them casting their fishing rods into the Skeena River. Every day, from before the Sun comes up, until way pass sunset, they fish. Standing there like solders. 

The rain held off just before got back to the car.

Like the good-old North Coast, standing out from rest, we lay in overcast skies and near one-hundred percent precipitation, while the rest of British Columbia sits in the worst forest-fire season in recorded history. It would take a lot to get a fire going around here without some dry wood to start it with. I think once the weekend is over, the Forest Fire Rating Sign will go from “Moderate,” back to “Low” once again. There is not much of a threat of our forests going up in flames around here. But then again that is climate change for you; maybe a heat-wave for us next week?

I think we are feeling this hike. Another good workout for us office people!

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