Smithers, BC – First Stop: The Farmer’s Market

We made it into town, about a fifteen minutes after the igloo. The weather was starting to improve, but the threat of rain hung in the air. For the most part, it was just the odd sprinkle here and there, so we were lucky so far. So we went to the Smithers Farmer’s Market to check it out, and walked the stands to see their goods. Although a little smaller than the one in Terrace, we saw some good deals on vegetables, though we never bought. Next time, we thought, when we pass through again.

I think we walked around for about twenty minutes. We just wanted to have a look, I did not want to buy anything, and my girlfriend was looking for something particular, so she did not buy anything either. We wanted to see the town before we headed off to the Bulkley Valley Fall Fair, and time was ticking.

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