The Bulkley Valley Fall Fair – Part One

I decided to chop this post into two parts, as just the images alone I want to post add up to nine. So, without further ado, I present the Bulkley Valley Fall Fair in beautiful Smithers British Columbia. So to start off with, we paid fifteen dollars for the whole deal, once we passed through the gates. Almost everything is included in that fee. Obviously, the rides and food, and other events, I am sure you would pay extra for, but all the main events were covered for admittance. So with ever improving weather, and more and more people arriving, the energy in and around the fair grew as the day did. One last thing before I start, I am going to post the photos in order as I shot the different scenes around the fair.

So we start off with the baddest hair cut you could ever give to a llama. OK, to a pair of llamas. Yup, they look they are hurting. Me and Suz. checked some of the animal stalls once we got through the main part of the fair. We passed the midway, and carney rides, before we got to here, where the livestock was kept. These llamas were screaming, “take my photo!”

After some more walking around, we came upon Teamster, Single Horse  Pulling event. First, I was impressed at the weight that these animals were pulling, and second, they say these animals were pulling one thousand pounds OVER their weight, before there was a winner. I think the rule was, you could not use anything but the sound of the owner’s voice to keep the horse pulling. So you could not hit or touch the animal to make it pull harder.

They say there is nothing more impressive than a woman with an axe to grind, and a place to throw it. Well, move over to this woman with the chainsaw. She had no troubles competing with the gents with her chainsaw. She did really well from what I heard from the announcer afterwards. She beat all the guys in her section. She even throws axes around pretty good too. Logging anyone.

OK, this parking lot is where the country folks park. Just kidding…, no, this is part of the tractor exhibition, where just about every make and vintage of North American farm machine is on display. I did not bring my wide lens with me, so I could not fit them all into one shot.

As you can see the weather really improved as the day went on. By mid day, we were getting hot, and somewhat sun tanned. But the day was only half over, and still more to see at the fair. Stay tuned for Part Two.


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