The Bulkley Valley Fall Fair – Part Two

With the day only half done, we still had the rest of it to enjoy it, and there was lots to do, and not enough time to do it. So onward to the stables, where we saw the upper class events, and then back to the smaller stages to jugglers and dogs shows, then the big rodeo event. But let me pause for a moment to say this: the weather kept better and better. By the time was saw the horse jumping events, we were in the middle of a full blown sunny day–getting sun tanned! It was night and day compared to what we left behind in Terrace.

Watching the horses jump was cool indeed, becuase I could get up close to the fence, actually right up to it, and shoot some really good photos with my camera. I could hear the rider breath I was so close, let alone the horse.

Now to change pace, I have to say I never expected to see a full on livestock auction. And to add, I did not know they sold the animal by the kilogram. What attracted me to this scene was the auctioneer say, “next up, we have Ham Solo!” So here he is.

Let me present to you a photo of, Ham Solo! Yes, he is a pig. I have no idea how much he was auctioned off for, but I am sure it was good price. I heard later on that a cow sold for $2.89 Per Kg, so Ham Solo must have done well. Sadly, he is on someone’s plate, sizzling away as bacon, somewhere in the Bulkley Valley as you read this.

If you notice in this photo of the juggler, he is juggling a knife, and a garden implement, and a apple. He was good, especially with the kids. The kids wanted more, but sadly these shows were about half hour long. This guy was entertaining–I enjoyed him, especially this shot. Ya, I was hoping to get a shot of him screwing up by grabbing the knife the wrong way–but that is just me.

The dog show was a real hit too. Again, like the juggler, these shows were about a half hour, but it was packed with fun during that time as the bleachers were full–standing room only. We seen these dogs jumping as far as thirty feet into a pool of water. It was awesome seeing all the tricks these dogs could do.

For the last part of the day, it was the Rodeo, as some would say, the main event. The day was getting quite hot at this time too, and I wish I had brought some Sun Screen–but hind sight is twenty-twenty. This is where I got the sun tan, from sitting and watching the Rodeo. Remember I dressed for rain and cool temperatures–not full on summer.

Sadly me and Suz. sat at the second level on the bleachers from the bottom, as it filled up really quickly with people, and seating was hard to get no matter how early you got there. There were so many people. We had a safety fence in front of us, so I never bothered to taking out the camera. This was the only set of shots I took becuase we stood during the anthems, and riders were riding around with the national flags. The rodeo lasted about three hours. We saw everything from bull riding to steer wrestling. It was very entertaining, and well worth it on a Saturday. We had a good time!

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