Exploring the Terrace Heritage Museum

Back in Terrace, the rain was “sprinkley,” and lever let off until later in the afternoon. But that did not stop us from heading out the Heritage Museum to check out some Terrace’s history, and to see how people lived throughout those years of early settlement. So me and Suz., arrived sometime in the late morning, only to find ourselves the only ones there–how cool we that. So having the place to our selves, along with the staff, who stayed inside, off we went exploring. It was fun.

We did the sweep of the buildings and grounds, starting at the right hand building, and slowly working around, until we came full circle. But first I had to have a look at the wagons in the main yard.

Imagine going shopping in this beauty? Actually, the wagon was fully restored, and almost looked as if it was new. I notice other newer vehicles in one of the open garages, which house more wagons and gas power vehicles. Things were defiantly more simple back then. But some of the buildings we looked at were amazing. Of course Terrace, and the surrounding towns were mostly built on logging. and tree harvesting. during the Second World War, so is goes without saying how much of an influence it had as a growing community over the last century. The “logging” building had a very nice chart showing all of the saw mills and logging outfits over the last one hundred years, up until 1975. As a kid growing up in Terrace, many of the names brought back memories of a distant time.

I was looking for a car within my price range… this was almost affordable. Suz. did not like the idea of having the gas tank under the seat. The model was a hand-crank starter, so running it the winter would be a bit of a pain. LOL

The old cars were neat to look at. The above shot of the Green Truck really surprised me when I saw that it also had “Emergency Brakes.” A good feature to have around here with all the hills.

And of course, I cannot leave with a shot of the famous “Rosswood Express.” I have no idea if this was the actual wagon, but it was in good shape. Anyway, this concluded our weekend get-a-way. The rain kept up, but there was hope that it could indeed be a great going forward.

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