Rose Hips

When I was shooting photos of the high water on Tuesday by the Old Skeena River Bridge, I saw numerous Rose Hip bushes near the area where I parked my truck. The leaves were just changing colour, and it was very easy to see the berries–they stuck out like a sore thumb. In fact, the berries were beckoning me to photograph them, they looked to bright against the green foliage. Before I left for home, I shot a few photos for my personal files. 

I was thinking of my girlfriend, who is an artistic painter, who would love these as reference photos for her future works, and mater pieces, when she becomes a famous artist. Also, I may have found a patch that could be easy pickings for some Rose Hip Tea later on in the season. 

According to Wikipedia, Rose Hips can be used for teas, jams, and pies, and many more uses, to numerous to mention here. 

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