Gaze into the Crystal

Two weeks ago, Suz., took me into the Gypsy Lady Crystals and Things Store, just down the road from me here in Thornhill, BC. I nice quiet place where you can buy things from rocks, books, jewellery, wind chimes and stuff on the metaphysical, and so on. My girlfriend is up on self healing and meditation, so she is right at home in the store. Her and the store’s owner are friends, so naturally this is a must see stop on our adventures. As I was browsing around, I came upon here collection of quarts crystals, and thought it would be awesome to have one these. So, for nine dollars, I picked out this unit.


She has a good verity of rocks and crystals. Sorry, there is no website to give you, you will have to search the store through other means on-line. Sadly, I wanted crystals more local, but there is not much to choose from in these hill that I have yet to find, so most of these crystals are imported. My quarts crystal came from South America. Anyway, crystals are neat. Maybe I will buy more of them, and get a collection going?

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