Minty Bees!

After a good day’s hike, me and Suz. had some serious ice cream cravings, so we drove back into Terrace, BC, to take care of that. As we parked over by the Chill Soda Shop (who does not have a website) we saw some flowers along the road loaded with bees. This one plant was just loaded with bees and other types of insects. It really looked creepy if you are not fond of bees and wasps. I thought it was a great photos opportunity, since I was taking photos of the flowers anyway.

I could not count how many bees were here chomping on the pollen in these flowers. You could hear them too. Yet, they paid no attention to me as I was taking these photos.

Take a close look that the above photo. Just about every flower in the photo has a bee on it. Good thing they do not like ice cream–we be really running for the hills. We ate our ice cream, and went on our way. We left the bees to their work.

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