The Wheel and Compass in Terrace BC

Once we filled up on ice cream, I wanted to check out the big cast iron flywheel just on the other side of the Sande Overpass from the ice cream shop. Actually, I wanted to check out the flower beds there too, but then we saw the compass, and we had to see that too. So I shot the big flywheel first, then turned around to shoot Sleeping Beauty Mountain to West after that, then off to the compass. It took a while get good shots becuase of the traffic getting in the way, I did not want any vehicles in the shot–that took a while.

According to the sign in front of the fly wheel, this is called the “Flywheel from the Little, Haugland and Kerr Sawmill,” from the 1920’s. When you drive over the overpass, this park is on the right hand side towards the North end. You cannot miss it!

All I did in this shot was turn around to face the West, and shot Sleeping Beauty Mountain with my 30mm macro lens with the A77 Sony. I thought it was great shot with the flowers in front, and the mountains in the background. Sunshine would have been nice in the shot, but you cannot have everything.

And above is the compass we saw once we got pass the flywheel. This was awesome once we got closer to the raised stone centre. We did not realizes this was compass until we had a closer look. What we found was amazing.

On the raised stone centre were makers that spoked out from the centre of the compass. These looked, at first to be random, but then a closer look, they were markers pointing to where the peaks of mountains were along the valley. Each marker had the name of the mountain it was pointing to, it’s distance in kilometres from this location, and the mountain’s elevation in the old scale, feet.

This is a photo (above) the centre plate on the compass. It says, “In recognition of the natural spender of this area.” This is a great idea, allowing people who come here to visit, to see what the names of the mountain are as they gaze from this spot. Once I got my photos, we left back to where we parked over at the ice cream shop. It was time leave.

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