Walking the Old Skeena Bridge

OK, I have done about three posts on the old bridge, but this time I had my 14mm lens with me, and I walked across it. The day was overcast, but not raining. I was by myself most of the day, as my girlfriend was at home with a mild case of a cold, so I decided to photograph the river to at least burn some energy with a short hike. The bridge itself was a busy place, with lots of foot traffic, as well as vehicles. I kind of laughed when I saw the time-date plate, at how old this bridge is. And just how low the river was this time of year.

So if my maths is correct, then this would make the bridge ninety-two years old. I am imaging that the steel structure is that old, not the bridge deck itself–as I know that was replaced several times over the years. However, ninety-two is a long time. And seeing the name, T.D. Pattullo, gave me a laugh as well becuase we have the Pattullo bridge between Surrey and New Minster, British Columbia, and that bridge is as old as the hills (1937 according to Wikipedia). The Old Skeena Bridge is older than the one in the Lower Mainland!

It was only when I walking across it, I could see all the wear and damage from over the years. You have to be up close. Driving, you are to busy navigating the narrow bridge deck becuase it is only single lane traffic only. Walking, you can the old scares from past years. But for ninety-two, I would say the structure is in really good shape.

Lots of foot traffic as I was shooting this with my camera. I used my 14mm lens, becuase I wanted really wide shots with as much of the surroundings as possible. I had to wait about fifteen minutes at one point before I could shoot without people in it. And I must add–people here are very polite! I was thanked every time, as I let people by me on the narrow side walk.

The ever changing sand bars. With the river level low, you can really see the sand bars, and how much they have changed and shifted. Twenty-five years ago, I remember trees not to far from the bridge on the North side. This, today, it is totally different, the trees are way back, and you can almost walk to the island in the middle.

Anyway, I did a bit of Terrace Mountain too, but that is another post for another time. This was a good hike.

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