Water Falls in the Mist: A Trip Along HWY16

It was overcast, sort of raining, but it was that type of “on and off” sprinklelly kind of rainy day, but it did not stop us from going out and having a great time. I wanted to get out shoot some photos of mountains and water falls, but the light was dark in some places. It was not the ideals day for photography. But oh well, we made the best of it. We also had no plans of going as far as we did, and went almost right to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, but we stopped just short of Rainbow Summit. Remember, we were out on a Sunday drive.

It was neat to see tidal water again. Basically we were looking at the Pacific Ocean in these shots. The river was dead calm as we were seeing the slack tide, and the water coming inland.

It appeared that the day before, it must have rained a lot, as every mountain along the highway had water falls rushing down them. There were so many, as I took my 300mm telephoto lens out, it was unreal. I shot about fifty photos from this one vantage point before we left to go home.

When do you call it quits when you have a 128GB card in your camera, and you are standing in front of amazing mountains with even more amazing water falls on them?

According to one of the “Information” signs I saw, the very word, “Skeena” means “River of Mist.” On a day like today, the river was living up to it’s name. I had a tonne of mist shots with water falls in them, using the 300mm lens. All that would have made this day “awesome” would have been some sunshine. But, it was fairly warm out, and we did not get soaked, so it was a good compromise.

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