Fall is Here – A Hike Along the Skeena River

There is no doubt fall is here. I had some time to kill while doing some weekend work, so I took a walk along the river during the afternoon. My goal was to just take a walk, trying to burn off some energy after sitting at a desk for four hours earlier this morning. Of course, I took my camera, and once at the river, I saw the trees with their changing leaves. Yes, there is no doubt a change. I started shooting the trees, with their yellow and orange leaves.

This is one of the things I like about this part of the country: the fall colours. This place is like an explosion of colour when the autumn season hit here. From September to November, the leaves change the landscape with their changing colour, never letting the eyes rest from boredom.

If you are wondering why the above image seems “washed out.” Something happened to it when I uploaded it to my web site. I will have to investing this.

With the leaves on the ground, and floating on the water in the river, I wanted to catch everything and photograph it. If this was a windy day, I am sure I could have caught some leaves falling to the ground with my camera. I think soon those windy days are coming. This place is notorious for its wind. Anyway, expect more photos of the fall colours; each day it gets better until all the leaves fall to the ground.

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