Lakelse Ave at Clinton Street – A Fall Day In Terrace BC

I guess you could call this street photography at its best, being that these are shots of the street, though few people are in them. But, I was keeping with my fall theme going on the blog, more or less, shooting the colourful trees as they go through their autumn change. Pretty much in less than three to four weeks all the leaves should be gone, and the onset of winter will dominate the landscape. So I wanted to capture as much of this as I could with stretch of awesome weather was are having. Below, here is what the trees look like along Lakelse Avenue, looking West into the down town core of Terrace, BC.

The maple trees just look stunning with all their different colours in the sunshine. It was about 17C, with no wind, and of course being a Sunday, the traffic was next to nothing along this stretch of road. This was on the North side of the road, just West of Clinton Street.

Like I said, the town was not very active this time of day, so I had no troubles standing on the middle of Lakelse Avenue, shooting photos with my camera. The above shot was looking due West, into town. An almost perfect day for a Sunday walk around town. I should also add that most of the traffic is on the South of town, where the New Bridge enters into Terrace, (on the other side of the tracks), so this stretch of Lakelse Avenue does not get used that much any more. This is where you would enter town, coming from the Old Skeena River Bridge (which you will see in the shot below).

This is looking East, at Clinton Street, on Lakelse Avenue, leading out of town.

Anyway, I took a huge number of photos today, as we walked around town. We walked the foot path along Highway 16, in town, right up to the Kalum Highway turn off. So I am going to make another post on that. Stay tuned!

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