Those Busy Bees

During our Sunday roaming around town, we stop at the top of the “Bench” in Terrace, where Kalum Street climbs up on the hill. At the top of the hill, there is a turn off, where the city put a picnic table and some flowers, and you can sit and watch the town below. In the flowers, there were many bees. So I took my Macro lens, my 30mm prime, and shot this bee at F2.8 at about three/five centimetres away.

I like this photo–for those of you who like purple things–this is your shot. The bee just adds to it. I could have got closer, but the fear of getting stung we lingering in my thoughts!

I guess this is the home stretch for the honey bees, as they prepare for the winter. This Bee was going like crazy, working this flower for all it was worth. There were lots of others too, but you had to be quick with your camera to get good shots.

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