Terrace Transit: The Pathfinder that Packed it In

My vehicle died on me this week, right around mid Wednesday, so I had to do a bit of walking to get around. Fortunately Terrace is a small place both in size and distance; getting around by walking is very possible, it just costs you some extra time. So rather than paying for taxies and bumming rides off of my friends, I just started walking. Then yesterday, I walked to pick up my wounded vehicle from the shop, but they told me that they would not work on it. Go figure–bastards. So I drove it home. This morning, I walked into work, but this time I thought I would use the transit system to get home. First time transit user in Terrace, British Colombia–here I come.

So in preparation of using the transit system, I did a bit of home work. Sadly, the maps and transit times found on-line, were vague and very general. So until I took my first trip, I had no idea what lays ahead. The maps they post on-line were very basic. They tell you what roads each bus will take, but if it travels over the same road twice, or several bus routes go over the same area, then you have no idea when your bus will travel it. So between the Number 3 bus, and the Number 5 going out to Thornhill, I went past Walmart Twice. They do not point out where each bus stop is either. So I had to guess where I should be at what time on the bus route, except for the designated resting points. I choose one of the “Timing Stops,” or resting stops, according to the map as my pick-up spot. It meant that when I got off from work, 3:30pm, I had thirteen minutes to travel half a kilometre to that stop. Of course, hind-sight being twenty-twenty, I could have stayed right at my work and waited eight extra minutes for the same bus, and waved it down!

I got on the bus at Braun and Medeek Street. Even though I raced down to that intersection, timing myself, I still waited eleven extra minutes after the posted time lapsed. Needless to say, for two dollars, I was happy to see it, and be on it. I asked for a transfer, since I had get off at the Skeena Mall, to transfer over to the Thornhill Number Five bus, for the last leg of my journey. In the end, it took almost fifty-six minutes to get home, versus the one hour walk it took me to walk it this morning. The benefit of talking the bus compared to walking, was very little walking–I still had to walk one kilometre to my home.  In all, I was happy, and my feet too. I understand how that part of the transit systems truly works now that I tried it. I know better next time.

As for my wounded Pathfinder, well, I blew the fuel-line, rusted right off. Where it mounts to the frame, it is very rusty, so it makes repairing it difficult. It cannot be driven as is becuase it spews fuel at a rate of one cup per hour. I am in the process of buying a new car or truck, so that is what I will focus on this weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot, this is a long weekend! This is the Thanksgiving Weekend! Yay!

3 Thoughts on “Terrace Transit: The Pathfinder that Packed it In

  1. Next one should be a RAV4 or an outback. You will do well with both in the winter. Good luck !

  2. Hi Dan!

    I was looking at a Nissan Xterra, say around 2015-16. I can’t afford a new one just yet. LOL

    Thanks Dan.

  3. hey Tom, check car complaints website first 🙂

    “CarComplaints.com Notes: RIP, Xterra. The SUV was retired after the 2015 model year because of poor fuel economy, poorer sales, and Nissan’s unwillingness to bring the vehicle up-to-date with safety and emissions standards.”

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