A Wet Weekend, Looking At a Wet Copper Mountain

It was a soggy day. Although it rained for most of it, it did matter what side of the valley you went to. On the Thornhill side, it seemed to be really good, while going out to Lakesle Lake, it rained like there was a storm from Hell, and of course, down town Terrace was awesome. We eventually had dinner in Terrace before we called it a day. But before that, I took some photos while we were travelling around, near the Rifle Range, at the foot of the Copper Mountain.

Still about three kilometres away, even with a 300mm telephoto lens, the rocky face of the Copper Mountain, looks huge. Look through the camera, counting the waterfalls was almost impossible. There was quite a bit of mist to shoot through, so my photos looked fairly hazy. In the above photo, this was one of the dry spots from the rain. To the left of the photo, you can see one of the many power-lines going up to the towers on top.

The waterfalls look awesome with the rock formations. You can sort of see the scale of the rock face by the size of the trees in the photos. I am not sure how high the Copper Mountain is, but I would say it is somewhere around 800 to 900 metres. You can drive to the top of it. Perhaps one day, a trip to the top is in order, once I can find a truck, and taking my camera. I was up once already this year, during work, but I did not have my camera with me at the time.

Anyway, the weather prognosticators are saying that the rest of the week is going to by soggy in the Skeena Valley. Though far from having snow falling, it is getting cooler. I would be not surprised if this area does not have an early snowfall. That is just me, as I am not fully climatized from the Lower Mainland yet. LOL

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