I Bought the Car!

I finally got it! I own a new set of wheels! I have transportation again! Yes, I bought a 2014 Ford Focus. Sure, it is a used, err ummm, pre-owned car, but it is in very good condition. With just over 62,ooo KM on the odometer, it sort of feels like a new car, well to me anyway. When I took the car for a test drive the week before, It handled nice, tight steering, good traction, and the engine sounded great–could hardly hear it. With a black body, and black and grey on the interior, the looks very black. And it has a lot of stuff into.

Getting financing was at story unto itself. For nearly two weeks I had tried to a loan. Two major hurdles. First, I only lived up here for lass than six months. Second, with my very good wage, I still had only worked for my current employer for just over three months. This put me in the “high risk” category. Remember, I nearly had three-quarters of the money already sitting in my saving. My goal was to bolster up my credit to eventually buy a house. So I was comfortable borrowing the money, the question was from who, Bank or Dealership financing?

A bump in the road to buy a car from my Bank’s loan was that the car could be no older that a 2013, and had to be in the range of twelve thousand dollars. The issue here was that it takes time for the Bank to give me the green light for that vehicle. So, sadly, I lot the first two cars I was looking at becuase of this huge waiting process from my Bank. Although I final got this car through the Bank’s loan, it was a nail biter.

My other option for the loan was to go through the dealership’s financing. Sure, I passed that hurtle, but the For Focus that I eventually bought, had was a called a “Declaration” against it, meaning it had been in a accident, repaired, but the loan could not be issues becuase of it. So, dealership loan was out for this car, and there were no other cars that fit what I wanted to spend. I had my personal limits too.

So, the dealership kept the car, as long as I made an offer, which meant I did not put money down on it, but told them that my Bank was going look over everything before they approve the car. My Bank wanted to see the paper work, with stuff link VIN numbers and dealership’s information, before they would give the OK for me to buy it.

The car was worth more than the loan, so some of the money came out for my savings. No problem, I was OK with that. But it did ass to the time waiting with my Bank. But it was all cleared up.

In the span of one week, the car was mine. I took it off the lot today at 4:30pm. Remember that I had to take a copy of the ownership papers to my Bank, then get the car insurance, and then go back to the dealership to get the keys. Thank you, GM MacCarthey for the courtesy car with driver, so that I could get to and from the Bank and insurance building without having to walk. They were awesome!

Now I do not have to walk to work! Yay!

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