Ten More Days, And It Is Snowing!

First of all, it is snowing here in Thornhill, BC. It is coming down with the rain, though I do not think it will stay, they are the nice thick fluffy snowflake, just enough to stick to the wind shield of your car. All the parked vehicles have that ominous coating of slushy goodness on them, but I highly doubt it will stay. So, with the snow, comes ten more days until Halloween! Could it be a white Halloween here in the Skeena Valley?

I think I am going to go simple this Halloween with my costume being it will be at work. I have to think of safety and whether I can work in it, as prime factors. So, I might have some simple prosthetics with fake blood, and just wear my regular work cloths for the event. Keep everything simple. But I am excited!

I just hope it does not snow to hard on that day. The bad weather came early this year. Wow! We are on our fourth nasty storm of the season already, and they say more is to come yet for October.

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