To Grow Cacti In Thornhill BC

As the title says, I am attempting to keep cacti in my home. Yup, hard to imagine, growing plants that love hot dry climates, trying to grow them here in one of the wettest, coldest places in Canada. So, here I go, my attempt at keeping plants in my home.

My first problem is light. My apartment faces the North, so getting nice warm sunlight is next to impossible. My bedroom window faces the the South, but I have pine trees lining the property’s, so that light is next to no good. So, I have LCD grow lights, or at least one, so they sit under that for their photo- energy.

Watering? This is why I got them, so I do not have to water them all the time. 🙂

They are prickly.  These are plants you cannot hug or cuttle with your hands. They bite back with their thorns. You gotta love a plant with these types of  natural defences. Anyway, I think they are right for me.

My test, to see if I can keep these little guys happy and growing. To see if I have the Green Thumb! To see if I can grow something other than mould!

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