Halloween is So Close!

Well, October seems to be flying by quickly for me. One moment it was October 15, then now it is October 28, where did the time go? But fear not, it was all good times. Remember I bought a newer car, and passed my three month review with my employer, and straightened out my financial issues that have been festering for the last six months. I would say, it is has been a pretty good month for me. But best of all, Halloween is fast upon us.

I am sitting here, steaming hot tea in one hand, and keyboard under my other, deciding what would be a good scary story to tell that would be fit for Halloween. Not much comes to mind. Actually, I got nothing? But it is Saturday morning, and the day is young, so something will pop up–I am sure.

Well, anyway, the neighbourhood is very quiet. I think it has something to do with some of the guys who live next door getting their “Government Cheques” yesterday, and they are currently away “taking care of business.” So everything is still in bed, or away–it is kind of nice to have the peace and quiet. I like it.

It is currently overcast, with foggy patches over head. It seems kind of cool outside to, but I have not been outside to confirm. It is hard to tell if the Sun will make an appearance today, or not. Terrace and Thornhill do not disappoint with weather surprises this time of year. My weather icon on my Desktop says it is only 1C, while my outside thermometer says it is 4C. Who to believe?

I am not sure if I will go to any Halloween parties this weekend. We have some events at my work on Halloween day, but that is it as far as I can tell right now. Who knows, something might come up at the spur of the moment that will change the course of the weekend–I am sure of it! For now, this weekend is devoted to cleaning and organization. It looks like I will be in this place for another six months, so I might as well unpack more of my moving boxes that I brought up from the Lower Mainland with me from my last move.

Here is, to a nice and quiet morning. Cheers!


The Sun just popped out from behind Copper Mountain. The day is looking more and more awesome by the minute! I am not out singing in the streets of Thornhill just yet, I might pass on that, but I am taking notice. 🙂

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