The Rock Face Known as Baldy

I see it nearly every day when I drive to work, and every time I drive over the Old Bridge to get to down town Terrace. As a kid, I remember it, though it had different writing on it back then. Today, it is cleaned up a bit, and by that I mean, it has most of the old graffiti painted over. What you see today, was done not to long ago, and I think it is more pleasing to the eye that someone’s graduation year. We call it, “Baldy” because of it’s round bare cliff face on the Thornhill side of Terrace Mountain. 

What is cool about this shot is that you can see two female hikers, and the Canada flag that was put up during the summer, along with the Kermode Bear painted on the rock face, which was painted long before I moved into town. You can also see some of the garbage left behind that graffiti artistes used over years. And this is one of the main hiking trails on the mountain that is used by a lot of people. It is sort of a favourite destination spot that people like to view from, like these two hikers.

I have been up there several times as a youngster, then when I lived there in early 90’s , and just a few weeks ago albeit the weather was not as nice as it is today. I was standing on the shores of the Skeena River, on the Thornhill side, using my 300mm telephoto lens for this shot. Makes me wish I owned a 500mm, or 1000mm lens.

It was a perfect day for a hike, although I stayed at town level, it was unbelievably clear and warm out, with the odd gust of wind. OK, there was a lot of wind, but that did not slow me down.

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