Walking Along the Lake

Me and Suz., decided to take trip out to Lake to check out the storm damage, and a great excuse to take the new car out for a drive. Just like yesterday, we had awesome weather again today; not a cloud in the sky by mid noon. The day was a bit crispy cool, but I think we got up to 11C, or something like that. It was good enough for Sun Worshippers, who set up their lawn chairs at the Lakesle Park in full view of the Sun. They had their blankets over their legs, and were soaking in Sun on their faces, catching the vitamin D. We even saw some boaters with their little one man boats ready to set sail. There were lots of people out probably doing what we were doing, just enjoying the day.

Judging by the wood and sand scattered along the shore, we figure the lake had risen about 40CM during the rain storm last week. The lake was down today, but there were still places where it was still flooding. It looking like the park workers will have their work cut out for them this spring.

Even the water in the lake looked a little silty. And way out, about fifty metres or so, you can see floating barrels and other types of man made garbage in the lake. Along the lake, the cottonwood trees were pretty much bare from leaves as the wind in some place was strong. No doubt the fall storm season  cast its might here.

No, swimming was out of the question, but the dogs love it. Hardly anyone around, we had the lake basically to our selves. Sadly, all the park’s facilities were shut down. You have to do your bathroom excursions the old fashion way; find a secluded spot in the forest, and do it quick.

To end the walk off, I took a bunch of photos of the sky. This shot really took me back to when I was living in Vancouver, becuase where I lived, we had lots of these red leaf trees growing near by, and photographing them against the pure blue sky was awesome. It was nice that I found this tree with the right conditions. Hopefully Suz. can paint this, as I would think this would be an awesome painting.

Anyway, time to go home. Time to get ready for tomorrow. Another day and weekend comes to an end.

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