Getting Use to the Car: Ford Focus Under the Microscope

We are nearly at the two weeks mark of ownership now, and  still on the same tank of gasoline by the way, so, so far the car is doing great. I am getting most of the “gadgets” figured out, and slowly getting used to driving it. There are still some things that I am learning, but slowly checking off that check-list. Overall, the car starts, handles and rides smoothly. I guess I can say that I am not used to driving a vehicle as new as this one, even though it is already threes years old. But that is me, I am pretty cheap when it comes to buying and owing vehicles.

The above image is from last weekend, just off of Queensway Drive in Thornhill, BC, just metres from the Old Skeena Bridge.

I figured out a bunch of stuff, mainly on the dashboard, with all the functions. I got the trip indicator down pat. That took a bit from lots reading of the owner’s manual. It is pretty cool, as it can calculate my trip usage, gas to distance and estimate how far, and how long a trip could take. Of course, the calculator is always updating itself as you drive. This happens especially when you drive up on lots of hills. The headlights I leave set to automatic. I took the advice of my co-worker, and just leave the knob set that way I never have to worry about it. This is kind of nice. I also set the lights to automaticity shuts off twenty seconds after I leave the vehicle–another nice feature. And the biggest feature, and once that I was totally happy with, is the multimedia panel. I have the Bluetooth Hands-Free phone going, voice commands and the USB media all figured out. Now I have my own music playing from a USB stick, while able to talk on the phone while driving–legally. The stereo system is awesome!

There are two things that I still have to buy for the car. I need a spear key and antenna. The key was a bit tricky becuase a new one with the Thob and key would set me back about five hundred dollars and having to drive to a Ford Dealership to get it “programmed.” So, again, having talked to my co-workers about this, they suggested that I get just a “dummy key” instead, something that will cost only a fraction of a whole new key would cost. So I have one on order. The antenna is something that would be nice, but not critical. But I think the car would look nice with one. Playing the radio would be more inspiring, but here in town, it plays nice. 

Floor mats was another buy I had to do. When out at my work, and with a gravel driveway, it amazes me at how much stuff collects on the floor of the car. So with winter on its way, I decided to them right away. As it turns out, this was a very good investment. Within one week, I dumped quite a bit out. So, floor mats a must for a small car like this.

The ultimate achievement after buying this car: Suz is very happy to be a passenger in it. She loves it. The heated seats would be near the top of her list, and a near second, you can ride in it with style, as opposed to my rusting 1995 Pathfinder. This is a vehicle that she is happy to sit in, be driven around town in, and be seen by her peers while in it.

2 Thoughts on “Getting Use to the Car: Ford Focus Under the Microscope

  1. Hey Tom, no more debt free 🙂 . How does it feels?

  2. Humm, I was in limbo with it for the first couple of weeks, but then realised, “damn, it feels good in newer car.” I’m OK with it now that I’m making an awesome wage. I should have this paid off within a year, instead of the three years they gave me. I look at as a goal that I must take it to the end with, and Suz., loves it too, as she likes being a passenger around town in it.

    Today it snowed, about 6C–our first this year, and with the snow tires that came with the car, it handled beautifully in it–super happy about that.


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