Four-Way Stop at Keith and Kenny

This post is kinda of for those who actually live here, and experience the routine commutes in and around town of Terrace, British Columbia. Since the beginning of time, Keith Avenue was hindered with the two-way stop at the intersection of Kenny Street. Over the years, as the industrial area grew at the South and West end of the community, and the road pattern did not. With larger transport trucks now populating the roads at that section, their use of Keith Avenue grew. Those who used Kenny Street, had unfettered access over Keith Avenue, with the exception of the double railway tracks that lay just before you turned on to the highway to go through town. Today, this all changed as the intersection is now a Four-Way Stop. Oh the shock for those who commute on Kenney Street.

It was on Wednesday, November 8th that I saw Suz.’s Tweet that she re-tweeted from the City of Terrace’s Twitter Feed. It simply said “Beginning Friday, the intersection of Keith and Kenney will be made into a 4-way stop to improve safety and wait times for Kenney traffic.” I looked at the tweet with bewilderment and dismay. WTF was all that I could say, when on of the Technicians saw me reading off of my monitor at my desk, and then then the news spread. Of course, now that look back at it, I asked myself why would those who drive on Kenny Street have their wait times hindered, when it will be Keith Avenue that will greet the boon of this new change?

So, around noon today, the Stop Signs were reviled, along with white lines painted on the roads. I had to see it to believe it. It has come–no more waiting for the hordes of traffic at Kenny Street, while sitting at the intersection waiting for them to pass before it is our turn to go. Now, we all wait, though only for a fraction of the time as we all obey the Four-Way Stop procedure. Words can not describe it. I really mean that.

Just the first time passing through the intersection, on my way home from work today, made me laugh out loud. A lady, in a white car, came screeching to a halt through the intersection, totally forgetting that there is now a traffic pattern change. Even with all the signs and street markings, she almost went through the intersection, as she did probably a thousand times before. The look on face, pure embarrassment and discuss, all wrapped up into a ball, as she backed up to position herself behind the white line, while an eighteen wheeler was already going through the intersection.

So, here is to a great day for one half of the little town of Terrace, and a big change for other half.


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