Snow Storm Continued: Is It Over?

Since writing my last post, the snow kept on falling, sprinkling us with almost the same amount as the day before. We easily surpassed the 30cm mark. The snow plough guy came a second time, early this morning, to whisking away the fresh fallen blanket of the while stuff to the other end of the parking lot. I am grateful for that–awesome. Now, it has warmed significantly–the question is, will this all melt?

It is still very overcast out across the valley. I took a short walk to see how bad the roads are, they appear to be cleared and very drivable. If you need to use the access roads right now–forget it–they are not ploughed. But, everyone is doing their thing, not missing a beat, it is a typical Sunday morning, with one exception: the highway seems very busy. At least fifty vehicles drove by me in the short time that I walked to road and back. So a little snow does not slow anyone here down, even 32cm of it.

For someone who has not seen this much snow in a very long time at one time, this made for a very pretty sight. I will probably go out again later this afternoon when there is more light to take some more photos. If you are into skiing, then you found utopia. Yup, a skier would go mad if you locked them up in room with this view out side.

To put this into perspective, this is a garage dumpster, there are millions of these around the world, and this should give you an idea of how much it has snowed since Friday night. Even now, as I type this, more snow is falling, albeit at a far less rate than last night–thank goodness. But more snow is expected, even though it is warmer, say just above freezing. At least Monday it is looking good for the morning commute to work.

4 Thoughts on “Snow Storm Continued: Is It Over?

  1. Hi Tom,

    Here we had some dry days. Now ( Sunday evening) we have rain and Monday afternoon will be sunny. +8 C.

    Enjoy the snow šŸ™‚

  2. All is good now, clear blue skies. The roads got ploughed over night, and it is currently +5, and the snow is melting. One more night of freezing weather, then were are back to rain, for now. LOL Stay tuned.

    Enjoying the snow.

  3. Hi Tom…… just thought Iā€™d up date you with my situation. Tomorrow will be 30 days of no smoking.

  4. Congratulation Julia! You are over the hill now. Keep it up.

    You heard the Government is adding more taxes to cigarettes soon?


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